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Trent Gibson Tomco

April 30, 2003 - April 11, 2021
St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
2252 Woodruff Road
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Friday 4/16, 10:00 am

Trent Tomco 17 y/o of Simpsonville, SC. Beloved son and brother of four siblings joined the faithfully departed on 4-11-2021. Trent had skipped his Junior year of high school and was a Senior attending Hillcrest High School, due to graduate at the end of May. Trent had an infectious smile, a huge heart and aContinue Reading

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Emma Tomco left a message on April 10, 2022:
It’s a year without you tomorrow. It’s hard to fathom. I hope I make you proud in all I do. I wish we had more time, you’ll always be my best friend that will never be replaced. I miss you so much, sweet boy. Keep playing Hitman and drinking Mtn. Dew for me up there. I love you so much. ❤️
Michelle Tomco left a message on March 24, 2022:
Sweet Trent you are Missed everyday since you left this world. We miss you with our entire hearts. As I pray everyday I picture you running through Heaven with your brother by your side. Until we meet again. Love, Mom xoxo
Paul Tomco left a message on April 27, 2021:
Trent you had a flame that burned brighter than any I have ever experienced!
Paul Tomco left a message on April 27, 2021:
Trent, I still recall the picture of you sitting on the floor talking to me in Hampton, SC after Emma was born and you were in Anderson, SC coming home to see all my kids on weekends was a tremendous joy for me following my first layoffs of too many. You would give me daddy pats when I got home and were so full of love. I would always pat you to keep you calm and you reciprocated by patting the people you loved. You embodied love and made our family feel so wonderful. Once you were diagnosed with your disease, it was difficult for your parents and siblings. I would cry for hours at work and pray for a miracle cure daily. All of your siblings rallied around you and would help you whenever possible you had an amazing spirit and kept us smiling and laughing. You would sing with Emma and talk about the “storage room man” anytime you got hurt it would hurt your parents so much more. I got to drive you and Emma to school along with your 3 older siblings in a 5 passenger car due to having a job that started at 8:30. You and Emma were the last 2 to drop off at school and we would drive by a Texaco gas station where we would sing the “keezy koozy” song daily and one day Emma called you Gooteyman and it stuck forever. I loved standing in the hallway until your teachers would come listening to you interact with students. I was truly blessed to experience that and it was a great experience before work everyday. I still remember you pushing the wheelchair into school until the last day you walked and you said daddy put me in the chair and walk me in. It was amazing how you still kept a joyful spirit about you even though that day felt like a heavy weight had been anchored to my heart. As a family we pulled together better and vowed to not do anything or go anywhere where you could not get into or participate fully. I had told you that you were my favorite child only that you were promised a shorter life than all of my other children although I love them all immensely. I was ultra protective of you and although I was not much of a fighter was willing to fight for anything for you. You were so selfless and would always let others try your food even if it was your favorite meal. I am glad that even when you were away at camp you always had family with you as you were definitely the glue in our family. I am thankful that we spent the last year with COVID where you social distanced better than anyone ever and we reduced massive bins of Lego pieces to a smaller amount reconstructing Lego’s neither you or I recall seeing ever. Your goal was to see every Lego your older brothers had, you were unrelenting in your perseverance to see them built. You had an amazing desire from one piece or figure to trace back to say we owned a Lego although I had no recollection of it. We pressed on for over a year even though when we started I thought it would take a year. You would tell me I would quit at a year which I did not just knew we were close. I was amazed with what we had accomplished even though they are small pieces unless someone has done this they can’t fathom the time we spent on this project. You told me weeks ago “Lego’s are your life” you would tell me amazing facts and stories about so many of the Lego’s you and your brothers had. You wanted to go to Denmark where they have 1 Lego of every one ever made and they will bring out for you to see. I always wanted people to know you better for what our family saw in you as you exuded love. Unfortunately, you were very shy like me and not very trusting of outsiders rightfully so. You blessed our family for almost 18 years and words can’t express how thankful I am for having you in my life. I have always loved you and will until I draw my last breath on earth and join you in the hereafter if I am worthy enough. Love, Dad
Michelle Tomco left a message on April 26, 2021:
Trent as your Mom I remember almost every memory of you for the short time you were allowed to share this earth with us. You always brought me Joy beyond belief, I prayed so much for you and was so Blessed when you finally arrived. You were such a Happy boy and made me smile endlessly. Your brothers and sister all loved you so much, how could they not. From your dancing to the Hallmark snowmen sing a long tabletop figures or the countless hugs and kisses you adjourned us all with daily. You had a zest for life many only dream of. As a baby you were a dream! One day after putting you down for a nap I looked out the window and Thanked God for my little miracle boy Trent and I smiled and said quietly, I could do this again! A month later I found out your little sister Emma was on her way!! When she came you were such a great big brother to her as well. You could not say her given name Taryn, so we had to start calling her Emma because you could say that. You gave the best Hugs and Mommy Pats and Daddy Pats a child could ever give. I will cherish them always. I will admire your courage and commitment to life and fairness foe the rest of my life. You have made me a better person in everything I do. I am honored to have been your mom and to have been referred as the Best Mom Wver in your phone contacts. You left this world suddenly and have left us with a great whole in our hearts but we will always remember fondly the wonderful caring person you were and how much tou Love your family, pets and friends. Until we meet again I will Love tou all the days of my Life.XOXO MOM
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Michelle Tomco left a message on April 26, 2021:
May the Lord keep you safely in his Arms until we meet again my sweet son, Trent.
Emma Tomco left a message on April 25, 2021:
could share a lot of memories about Trent. From his vast knowledge on anything Lego or politics-related, to his kindness and rare outlook on life, or to his love of animals and his family and friends, I do not know where to begin. Trent had an extremely hard life, but anytime I felt down or unsure about something, Trent would be there to make me laugh or tell me a joke. He always rushed to the needs of others to try to help. With no complaint, he put others first. Anytime I would want to play a game, he would suggest playing Love Letter (or as we called it, Princess) or Battleship, and we would have the greatest time. He enjoyed playing the video game Hitman, and would want me to stay in his room and talk to him while he played. In one of the games, the suspect was named Emma, and he kept guessing that she would be the culprit (he guessed right, of course). He would show me the different outfits he had unlocked, ranging from a clown to a flamingo, and would have me pick which extras or costume he would use. If I didn’t pick the best one, he would tell me to pick again, haha. I remember when my mom and I were planning Trent’s 17th birthday theme. We kept searching for the perfect idea, since he had already had a Lego theme. Finally, we came across it: sharks! It was so fun to be staying up the night before, making sticker logos on cups, finding shark-themed decorations, and prepping myself for the happiness he would feel once he saw his theme. I’ll never forget how happy he was to have seen the shark theme, and most especially, the most random shark puppet we found. I used it in his birthday picture to try to scare him, but he wasn’t fooled. We were playing with our dog Thor, who thought it was a threat, and it was so funny to see how protective Thor was. Trent had the most fun! Thor always greeted Trent after he woke up by climbing on his foot pedals and wagging his tail like crazy! He would give him the most kisses, and it breaks my heart knowing how heartbroken he is that you’re gone. Trent had a beautiful mind. A mind that most never come across. Trent’s soul was solid gold, and I wish more people would have taken the time to know him. Though he had a short life, his legacy will carry on for lifetimes. Even though I can’t say I’m glad you’re gone, I’m glad to know you are no longer in pain. I’m so happy that I got to spend the too little time I got to with you while you were here on Earth, gracing everyone’s presence. I love you Trent and miss you more than words can say.
Tim Major left a message on April 20, 2021:
My condolences to the Tomco family. Most of my memories of Trent were when he was a toddler/pre-schooler and he was definitely an energetic one. That energy came from a loving and lively household in Aiken. From 05 to 07, I was fortunate enough to spend many days at the Tomco residence and see the early stages of Trent's life as he learned to read, developed a liking to certain movies and shows. Cars was definitely one of those films getting plenty of screentime at the Tomco house. Trent's diagnosis came during the Aiken Years, and the love and radiance never wavered over in that corner of Gem Lakes. Nor the times I got to visit the Tomcos in Hickory. Thoughts and prayers to Mr. and Mrs. Tomco, Ty, Tia and Emma.
Taylor Thewes left a message on April 20, 2021:
Trent - I still remember the first time we ever played together. I myself was pretty young, Emma was certainly so so young, and you were this happy, always smiling little boy running around showing me all the toys you had. We sat there for what must’ve been a couple hours as my mom entertained Emma, and you and I just went through all your different action figures and legos together. It was one of the first times we met, but it still sticks with me. That boy who was always so inquisitive and interested in so many different things. Life may have been harder over the years, but that spirit was still so present as you got older. You grew up into a wonderful young man, and despite losing you far too soon, I’m so thankful to have known you and loved you as my family for the years we did have you. Rest easy up there, and I’ll see you soon and hope you’ll show me all the toys you’ve built in the meantime. Aunt Shel, Uncle Paul, Ty, Tia, Emma - I love you all, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there this past week. Sending my sincerest condolences and keeping you all in my thoughts.
Ben K left a message on April 19, 2021:
Growing up in Ohio, I didn't get to visit my cousin Trent often, but I was always impressed by his determination, how he approached life, and how much he cared about his family. Every time I'd visit, I'd notice he was getting more and more like his brothers and dad (uh oh!) and that he seemed so close with everyone in his family. I remember when Trent was pretty young playing running bases at Ty's high school grad party and thinking it was so funny how Trent would run nonstop from base to base without stopping just because he wanted to run. Or the night before my cousin Kevin's wedding coming over and sitting at the kids' table with him... even though he was a bit shy, watching him play his video game was a way better time than sitting with the adults. And as someone who maintained a Lego collection as a kid, I was always blown away by how massive and organized Trent's Lego collection was. Trent really seemed to invest himself fully into the things he cared about. Trent taught me a lot about perseverance and I'm going to miss getting to hang out with him at family events. He will always be loved and missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Aunt Angie & Uncle Jim Kisley left a message on April 18, 2021:
Our visits were too few and time together too short but we always enjoyed seeing Trent when our South Carolina, New York and Ohio families got together. As the years passed, those long trips for Trent must have certainly become more difficult, it must have taken much strength and stamina for him to endure, but he was always pleasant. We remember Trent being a joyful, happy soul as a young child running around with the other cousins with the most beautiful smile on his face. When Grandma Tomco passed away, we were at our house before the funeral took place and Paul told me how Trent liked ducks. Soon after Paul had said that, a group of feisty, quacking male ducks flew in our backyard for Trent’s enjoyment! I had always wanted Trent to try a cute playground that I would pass while driving on I-271 in Beachwood, Ohio (before they put up the wall barriers). It was designed for physically challenged children and to look like a little town. I’d think of Trent every time I drove by that adorable village. I was so happy when Trent’s family came up to Cleveland one summer and Trent agreed to give it a try. Although he was quite careful experiencing it, he was able to enjoy the playground equipment with his siblings, too. As others have also stated, we loved seeing you smiling and dancing at the family weddings and how Tia even had you lead a conga line! (I think it was at Kevin & Erin’s wedding). I also remember him saying, “No more!” to his mom with the many, many photos she would take. But Trent, we’re glad she did. We now have so many wonderful photos of you to remember your life and to look at your beautiful smile! Trent was an inspiration to many people. His strength, determination, ambition, positive attitude, quiet yet thoughtful words and most importantly, his acceptance of the life God gave him and the will to make the most of what he was given. We should all be like Trent. We know you are in heaven now, being able to walk, run, and, of course, dance! Be at peace, dear Trent, you earned your place in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.
Lydia Kisley left a message on April 17, 2021:
A memory that I would like to share is when from Trent was quite young. It was always a special time and exciting whenever we got to spend time with our family in the Carolinas "up north" in Cleveland. I remember one visit when Trent was running all over Grandpa's front yard in Lakewood, laughing and smiling. It was so great to spend time with my cousins but also to see him having so much fun. It stands out in my memory cuz we didn't usually spend time in the front yard that often, but that time we did run around there. He must have only been 2 or 3 (although I am bad at remembering ages with young kids). I'll also never forget Trent dancing at both mine and Tia's weddings. You could tell that Trent was shy and maybe a little hesitant to get on the dance floor (I think most of us can relate to the feeling!) but when he did get out there to dance he not only was having fun but was so generous to make everyone else he was dancing with happy too! I will miss Trent and wish I could have spent more time with him. His life has even inspired directions in my own work. My thoughts are with you all: Emma, Tia, Ty, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Paul, Jonathan, and Nina.
Ken & Patty Thewes left a message on April 17, 2021:
We remember when Trent was young and his key phrase was “that’s good stuff!” It was the cutest thing and was indicative of the positive spirit and zest for life inside him. As he grew and had to deal with challenges that no boy should, he handled it with grace and stoicism. We never saw him complain but we did see him always want to play games with the extended family during holiday get-togethers. Lots of fun memories. Trent: We love the passion you had for LEGO’s and Marvel! Your love of LEGO’s exceeds Uncle Ken’s love of hot wheels which is impressive. We love you and will think of you fondly for the rest of our lives.
Allec Thewes left a message on April 17, 2021:
The most pure and beautiful soul I have and will ever know. Wish I could look at life and value it like you. Thankful beyond belief that I can say you are my family. One memory I will cherish forever is when we were playing hide and go seek at Uncle Robs house. I think it was Allison’s graduation. You, Austin, and I were hiding while Emma was seeking. I had to carry you to hide you, and you came up with the idea that I put you in Austin’s closet, on the floor and throw a bunch of clothes on you to hide you. For a moment I thought that would be a terrible thing to do to you, thinking how could I put my disabled cousin in a closet covered in... what I hoped was clean clothes? But you thought it was hilarious and were so confident you wouldn’t be found that those dumb thoughts I had went away and I did as you said. You can and have always made your own decisions. Why stop you then? Emma had found Aus and I and of course, Emma could not find you! We were all laughing so hard! Best game of hide and go seek ever. Your mom called you a tank and you forever will be my tank! Love you Trent, always. Don’t worry we will all catch up with you someday, until then keep on walking up there.
Roderick Neil Hargrove Jr left a message on April 16, 2021:
I remember playing games with Trent during third and fourth grade. We played alongside another one of his friends, Vincent and we usually had a really good time. I always thought Trent was a nice person and genuinely fun to be around. I still remember the days when a ramp was set up and Trent was able to go onto the playground and we were able to interact with him there. It breaks my heart to see him go and I wish I could have gotten to know him more.
Jonathan Kilby left a message on April 16, 2021:
I remember the first time I ever met Trent. He was very quiet and shy and hid in his room. All I got was a hi and bye. I wanted to spend time with him and get him to open up. So I asked Tia what Trent and Emma's favorite candies were. The next time I came down to Aiken, I came armed with Mike and Ikes for Trent and Hershey's with almonds for Emma. Tia and I went on our date and afterwards I came in to meet Mr. and Mrs. Tomco and visit. Trent came out for bit longer that time and said thanks for the Mike and Ikes. The next time I came, we spent some more time with the family and played some board games. I remember Trent coming out and asking Tia if he could show me his Legos and video games. After Tia said I would love that, he came over to me with a smile and invited me to see his collection. I was so happy and glad that he wanted to show me what he really had a passion for. When I saw his collections, I knew we would get along. Growing up, I was the same way. I enjoyed video games and Legos. Going forward from that time, I started helping out building Legos with the family for Trent's birthday and Christmas. I always loved seeing his smile when we would finish the Lego and present it to him. He would always know so much about the Lego and the series it was from, whether it was Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or the Avengers. If I were one to go to trivia nights, I would have wanted Trent to be there and in my team because he would probably know the answer to most of the questions. Even in the short amount of time I met you, you taught me so much about how to live life to the fullest and how to have a smile on my face no matter what is going on. You will be sorely missed, but I know that you are up in heaven with Trsytan and everyone else running around and sharing your happiness, smile, and love all around heaven and to those who need it most!
TJ Thewes left a message on April 16, 2021:
Trent, I love you. I’m so sorry we didn’t live closer and I didn’t get to spend more time with you. I hope you know how much you inspire(d) me and others around you. Anytime I’m going through something and want to give up, I am always reminded of your happiness, love, and perseverance. You never asked for pity or sympathy despite being given a much harder life than most. You were always so joyful and fun. I’m honored to be related to you and look forward to honoring your memory for the rest of my life. Rest easy and enjoy running through heaven with Trystan.
Austin Thewes left a message on April 16, 2021:
I love you Trent. I never got to tell you, but I looked up to you. How brave and fearless you always were are things I try to live by everyday. You left a mark on me and so many others just by being yourself, and that is something I will never forget. You were always so kind and never gave up on anything. You will always be loved and missed.
Dr. Lloydette Young left a message on April 15, 2021:
I had the pleasure of having Trent as a student at Schofield Middle. His smile was infectious. I extend my deepest sympathy to the family.
Taylor Tomco left a message on April 15, 2021:
While I don't get to see my family in the Carolinas often, I do get to see everyone at weddings. Trent was always adamant on not getting anywhere close to the dance floor. When someone managed to convince him, we all knew it was special. When he and Tia danced at her wedding. When Aunt Michelle, Uncle Paul, Emma, and Trent danced for what seemed like song after song at Lydia's wedding. These are memories that I will cherish, seeing the love, trust, and support he both gave and got from his family. I am incredibly grateful for the time I got to spend with him on this earth, and I look forward to seeing him again.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Alysson Thewes left a message on April 15, 2021:
I love you, Trent. I still remember fondly when you came to visit when I graduated high school in 2007. One day, we went as a big family to one of the Las Vegas buffets and you and I were buddies the WHOLE time. I always enjoyed when I got to see you over the years, but wish I had lived closer. I’m so sorry with my whole being that I couldn’t be there with you today and tomorrow.
Elnora Webb left a message on April 14, 2021:
“God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:3,4)
Steve Cheek left a message on April 14, 2021:
I taught Trent music at Schofield Middle School. I tell stories about Trent probably every quarter. The thing that prompts those stories is when students make excuses. I then refer to my Trent Tomco stories. Let me explan. Trent came to my class and couldn't sit where he wanted to sit because my room is a choir room and it has various risers. Therefore, he had to sit down front due to his wheelchair. However, there were plenty of other students that had to sit in that area as well. Trent never complained. I would teach some piano. Trent didn't have the dexterity in his hands that others possessed. He always figured out to make it work. He didn't want me to "water it down" or make "accomodations" for him. He wanted the same assignment as everyone else and expected it to be graded like everyone else was graded. After a period of time we would move to playing guitar for the next unit. I approached teaching the guitar with fear and trembling. I didn't have the skills to teach guitar to Trent. That was alright. He didn't need my help. He figured it out as he always did. He couldn't hold the guitar the tradiional way. So, he held the guitar between his socked feet and stood the guitarr upright. He manipulated his hands to form chords the best he could and he would lean over to strum it. He didn't want my sympathy and he didn't offer any excuses. Some of the other students in the class were much different. They would complain, "Mr. Cheek, I can't hold those notes down to play the piano. My hand won't turn that way." Others would quip, "The strings are hurting my fingers!" Still others would say, "I can't hold the guitar. It's awkward." At those times, I would look at Trent as he was busy working enjoying making some music. I'm not sure how much I taught Trent but he taught me a ton! He taught me lessons I will never forget. While I was teaching him music lessons he was teaching me life lessons. I will forever be grateful for the lessons Trent taught me! So, when a new quarter or new unit rolls around and I start hearing complaints and excuses, it prompts me to reach into my reperotorie of lessons taught to me by Trent Tomco. I begin to tell my class about the student who had every reason to complain but didn't. The student who had every excuse available at his finger tips but never offerred one. Thanks for the lessons Trent!
Agnes Hamilton left a message on April 14, 2021:
I was Trent’s math teacher when he was in the 7th grade. I remember him being the kindest person at all times. He did not say much, but he always had a positive outlook and was so intelligent. He is loved and will be missed. Thoughts and prayers for the family❤️
Aaron Knowles left a message on April 14, 2021:
Trent you were always an awesome addition to my classroom. I know you will be doing great things in your next life and look forward to watching your YouTube Channel in Heaven.
Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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