Our Strict Cremation Procedures

From the moment we are called upon to take custody of a decedent, we follow a strict, step-by-step process to confirm the decedent’s identity and maintain the identity while trusted in our care. This ensures the family can have the highest level of confidence in the integrity of our cremation process.

Prior to the cremation taking place, the following steps are required:

  1. Cremation authorization form is signed by all family members who qualify as “next of kin”. The funeral director will walk the family through this document, ensuring they understand each component of the form, and all decisions they will need to make.
  2. All required and requested viewing has taken place. We offer every family the opportunity to say their final goodbyes through a private family viewing. While it offers the family a peaceful opportunity to spend final moments with their loved one, it also serves the purpose of a final identification. This gives the family and the funeral home piece of mind, confirming with certainty the identity of the decedent.
  3. Identification form is signed by a family member or appointed individual.
  4. Identification form and label displaying unique cremation number is attached to the cremation container.
  5. Identification medallion is place with the deceased and will remain with the deceased throughout the entire cremation process.
  6. All legally required steps are taken:
    • Death Certificate is filed and certified by doctor
    • All Permits are obtained
    • Defined waiting periods are honored. (24 hours from time of death and 12 hours from signed authorization)
  7. The Thomas McAfee Cremation Checklist is completed and signed by the funeral director. A digital checklist accompanies the physical checklist for intentional redundancy.
  8. Cremation Center Operator has signed off on the cremation, verifying that all documents are present and all steps in the pre-cremation process have been completed.

After the cremation takes place:

  1. Cremated remains are processed and placed in the urn or container selected by the family. The identification medallion stays with the cremated remains through this process.
  2. A label is applied to the urn or container displaying the same cremation number used throughout the cremation process.
  3. Urn is transferred from the Thomas McAfee Cremation Center to the appropriate location, where it is logged in and stored in a secure location.
  4. Urn is presented to family through an urn receiving ceremony, allowing family to spend quiet time in the presence of their loved one’s cremated remains for the first time. The recipient must present a photo ID and sign our final form, indicating he or she has taken possession of their loved one’s cremated remains.