Community Events

Community Events

Our mission is to support the families we serve throughout their grief journey, even after the funeral is over. To support families through the journey of grief we host a variety of events throughout the year. Our Director of Grief Resources and Education, Dan Kirkpatrick, MDiv, BCC, is available for inquiries about finding local resources for coping with the grieving process. Learn more about our events below.

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Annual Grief Seminar —
This event has become well known in our community, as hundreds gather to listen to speakers talk about various facets of grief.

Listen to 2023 Grief Seminar Recordings

In-Service Programs —
Through grief workshops and lunch & learns, we bring in a grief speaker to address a variety of topics.
Quarterly Round Tables —
This event includes breakfast and a featured speaker, as we welcome representatives from caregiver organizations in our area to network, learn, and receive support.
Unmasking the Mysteries Tour —
We welcome healthcare workers and the general public into our facilities to tour our cremation center. We want families to know they can trust us during life’s most difficult times. Learn more about our Unmasking the Mysteries Tour here.

Community Education

The mission of our community education program is to create a more seamless end-of-life care experience for families by providing grief education to anyone who may interact with families along their journey of grief. Our focus is to educate up and down the continuum of end of life care. And we believe that by doing this, we can have a real impact on the support families feel throughout the grieving process.


Continuum of End of Life Care. Prior to Death, Nurses, Doctors, Chaplains, Hospice, & Nursing Homes. Throughout Entire Process, Family and Friends. After Death, Funeral Home, Educators, and Elder Professionals.