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More and more families in Greenville and Pickens Counties are choosing cremation, and we want our community to know that Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes & Cremation Center has the highest standard of care available with options for every budget and need. Each family that chooses cremation receives a private family viewing and urn receiving ceremony. With our personalization options, you can also plan a large traditional funeral and visitation or something small and simple. Whatever you choose, we will create a meaningful, dignified experience for you.

What Makes Our Cremation Process Unique

There are many ways Thomas McAfee cares for cremation families like no one else. Here are just a few.

Our Dedicated Cremation Center —

Our cremation center sets Thomas McAfee’s cremation offering apart, giving families a comfortable, peaceful place to say goodbye. While all of our facilities and chapels accommodate cremation services, families tell us they appreciate a facility dedicated just to them with spaces for intimate gatherings to share memories. This furnished facility is a stark difference from experiences families may have had with other cremation providers in garages and warehouses.

Care of Your Loved One —

Thomas McAfee cremation families can trust that from the time their loved one comes into our care, we have strict and rigorous chain of custody procedures. Only Thomas McAfee families have use of our crematory and each cremation is performed individually. Because we offer full transparency, you may witness the cremation and be as involved in the process as desired.

Our Many Service Options —

Cremation families can choose from many of the same service options as burial families at Thomas McAfee. We can arrange everything from a simple, direct cremation to a full funeral service with burial of the cremated remains, or scattering in a meaningful location. Our trained cremation specialists can advise on how to make your event a perfect celebration of your loved one’s life. We’ll help create McAfee Moments that family and guests will remember forever. A visit to our cremation options page may help you begin to consider the cremation options you might prefer.

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Private Family Viewing —

We encourage every family to participate in a scheduled “private family viewing” at our cremation center where they can say goodbye in a physical way by playing special music, having a group prayer, placing letters or photos in the hands of their loved one, or simply gathering quietly as a family. This private time is intended for families to experience peaceful, uninterrupted, final moments in their presence. Our staff puts a considerable amount preparation into ensuring a dignified experience, so that the family’s final opportunity to see their loved one is deeply meaningful.

Urn Receiving Ceremony —

When a family comes to our funeral home after the cremation takes place, we understand they are not just taking home an urn; they are taking home the cremated remains of their loved one. That’s why we take the time to prepare a dignified presentation in a private room and allow families to spend as much time as they need in the presence of the cremated remains for the first time. This sensitive and respectful moment is a unique experience that families cherish.

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