Choosing a final resting place is one of life’s most important decisions.

We’re here to help you and your family understand all of the available options.

Earth Burial —

There are a variety of ground burial options in the Upstate, including corporately owned cemeteries and memorial parks, church owned cemeteries and graveyards, and private cemeteries established on personal property. Although not a legal requirement, most cemeteries require the casket to be placed in an outer enclosure, called an outer burial container. The family may choose a monuments, headstone, or marker to place on top of the grave as a memorial. When burying in a cemetery or memorial park, it is usual to pay a fee for the grave services which include digging and covering the grave as well as perpetual care.

Entombment —

Entombment is placing the casket in a mausoleum crypt rather than in the ground. There is no need for an outer burial container for this type of disposition; however, a mausoleum may require the use of a crypt liner, or a plastic tray that the casket rests in once placed in the crypt. It is usual to pay a fee to have the name and dates of the decedent either engraved on or attached to the outside of the crypt opening.

Green Burial —

Green Burial disposition offers natural decomposition for families and is intended to minimize environmental impact. This option requires a biodegradable casket, container, or shroud. The person who died is buried directly in the soil without the use of an outer burial container.

Cremation Disposition Options —

For those who prefer cremation, we can help arrange for memorialization. We also have a wide selection of decorative urns and keepsake jewelry for permanent possession, so your loved one is always with you.

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